The Reactive Dog: Instructors Bundle

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 Help clients with reactive dogs! Features games, training plans, and teaching classes presented in two informative streaming videos and an acclaimed book by Emma Parsons—at a savings of 18%.

The Reactive Dog Instructors Bundle includes:

Developed by Emma Parsons, these games include skills she teaches in her reactive dog classes. Games such as soccer, dodge ball, and relay races will be introduced and observed. The goal is to recreate safely some of the situations that pet owners and dog-sport enthusiasts face in ordinary life. Watch a free preview.

If you have decided to see clients whose dogs have aggression issues, what should you include in your Training Plan? Are you going to focus directly on the original behavior problem or are you going to offer additional information in order to help dogs live a much more peaceful life? In this video presentation from ClickerExpo, Emma Parsons will lead you through the creation of one or two training plans that will be based on actual case histories. Watch a free preview.

  • Teaching the Reactive Dog Class (Book)

In this book, Emma presents an entire six-week curriculum you can adjust to your own needs. This blueprint is for instructors and staff and for go-it-alone owners of reactive dogs. It includes: 

    • A week-by-week guide to class goals, key concepts, and crucial exercises
    • Practical advice about what to do when things go wrong
    • A set of accompanying weekly student handouts of exercises (also available as downloadable PDFs)
    • Background and principles every instructor should know
    • Guidelines for recruiting, training, and using class assistants
    • Special requirements for students
    • Detailed recommendations for continuing training once students have completed the class

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