The Click That Teaches: A Step-by-Step Guide in Pictures by Alexandra Kurland

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by Alexandra Kurland

Packed with over 600 photos, this comprehensive training guide will take you from clicker basics to advanced training. Even if you are a novice handler, you’ll find these step-by-step lessons easy to follow. And for the experienced clicker trainer, you will enjoy finding the “clickable” moment in the training sequences. Develop your timing, develop your eye with these step-by-step lessons.

The book covers:

  • Clicker Basics: Getting started with the Clicker
  • The Three Foundation Lessons of a Clicker-Trained Horse: Targeting,
  • Backing and Head Lowering
  • Ground Manners
  • Accepting Shots, Clippers and Other Practical Skills
  • Trick Training
  • Advanced Leading Lessons for Safety and Performance
  • Riding with the Clicker


  • Creating a Safe Horse: Alternatives to Punishment
  • Super Clicking: The Principles of Training and the Pre-Ride Checklist
  • A Horse’s Bill of Rights
  • Training tips and Terms