Reaching the Animal Mind by Karen Pryor

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Winner of the 2009 Maxwell Award for Best Training and Behavior Book!

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Here’s what the author tells us about her newest book:

“This is a book about loving, understanding, and communicating with animals. Animals are a lot smarter and more aware than we used to think. Now you can share my personal experiences training and communicating with animals ranging from an elephant to a hermit crab. You’ll learn how you, too, can bring out the intelligence, personality, warmth, even humor, in dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, and have fun doing it, too.”

The next level of information

“Lots of people are already trying to use a clicker, but may not be using it right. Other folks are skeptical about using food, or can’t see how you could train without punishment. I interviewed some of the leading neuroscientists in the US to get you some new answers to those questions and more. And, it turns out this technology is not just for animals! In my new book you’ll learn how clicker training methods can teach people positively, too.”

About the author
Karen Pryor is the founder and CEO of Karen Pryor Clickertraining, and the author of many books including Don’t Shoot the Dog.

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