Power Targeting for Any Training Goal - Video on Demand

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To ensure that guide dogs and service dogs assist disabled handlers most effectively, their behavior training requires great precision. Many guide and service dog behaviors are trained through nose-, chin-, paw-, and mouth- targeting skills. Precise body-part targeting results in service dog performance that is of maximum assistance to the handler and in skills that are very useful for training more behaviors.

In many dog training scenarios, body-part targeting skills lack precision. This lack of precision limits the use of the targeting behaviors in training new behaviors (both simple and complex behaviors). In this Dem-OH!, esteemed trainer Michele Pouliot will share various ways to train higher-precision targeting behaviors for body parts that include the mouth, head (nose and chin), and paw. Michele’s presentation will use live demonstrations of goal behaviors and behaviors in training.

The following targeting skills will be included:

  1. Retrieve delivery to hand or other targeted location

  2. Head (nose and chin) targeting with precision and power

  3. Foot targeting with precision and power

Michele’s Dem-OH! will include demonstrations of both goal behaviors and behaviors in training as well as supplemental video.

If your goal is a better retrieve delivery, if you crave longer duration responses, if you are training service behaviors, or if you are just training, join Michele for this Dem-OH! that is precisely for you!

Michele Pouliot’s incredible career includes path-breaking work in guide-dog programs, successful competition in dog sports, and coaching dog-handler teams across the globe to high levels of training performance.

CEUs may only be earned by 2023 ClickerExpo LIVE registrants. Closed captioning is available on the full version of this course.