FitPaws® RAMP

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Transform any flat surface into an active one with the FitPaws Balance Ramp!  Boasting a 14" working surface, this versatile ramp is perfect for weight-bearing exercises and balance training for your furry friend. Adjusting the air level in the disc encourages your dog to engage different muscles to maintain balance. The micro-movements required from balancing will strengthen the core and limbs. Use separately or combine with other fitness props to create many different exercises.

Crafted from professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC material, the ramp is designed specifically for canine use, offering superior grip and durability against the wear and tear caused by dog nails. Whether used independently or in conjunction with other fitness props, the FitPaws Balance Ramp opens up a myriad of exercise possibilities.

Please note that the FitPAWS Ramp is shipped uninflated, and a needle pump (sold separately) is required for inflation. Elevate your dog's fitness routine with this dynamic and resilient balance ramp!

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