Don't Shoot the Dog


The bestselling book that has become mandatory reading for clicker trainers—the book that started it all—has become mandatory listening! Now in an audio edition read by Karen Pryor, the wit and wisdom of Don't Shoot the Dog is ready for you to absorb while driving, cooking, or dog-walking.

Widely loved for its clear and entertaining presentation of behavioral training methods, Don't Shoot the Dog is packed with the author's insights into animal and human behavior. It is the book that revolutionized teaching and training by simply and elegantly explaining the power, principles, and practical applications of positive reinforcement.

Unique to the audio edition, Karen Pryor includes new observations and comments on developments and advances in clicker training that have taken place since the latest print edition. Only the audio edition gives you these recent insights and perspectives—as if you were attending a one-on-one seminar with Karen.

Treat yourself to this groundbreaking book in a new format with new updates, or introduce your friends to training and teaching the Karen Pryor way, with the book that started it all—in the most accessible format ever. Available in Paperback, Audiobook, and Spanish Version.


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