E-BOOK Dog Food Logic by Linda Case

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by Linda Case

Choosing the right dog food in a world with too many choices Walking down the dog food aisle in a pet supply superstore can present you with an overwhelming number of choices. Reading about dog food on the internet can make your head spin with so many opinions and stories. And judging the content that you find on dog food packaging can be confusing and misleading. How can the average dog owner make an informed choice in accordance with her dog’s age, size and condition? In her latest book, author Linda Case describes how to make logical, evidence-based decisions for what to feed your dog amid all the options available.

You will learn

  • How pet food marketers appeal to your emotions to persuade you to buy a particular type of dog food.
  • To distinguish between scientific, evidence-based information and the anecdotal evidence which is so pervasive—and often misleading—in the dog food arena.
  • Is there a scientific basis for dog foods designed specifically for puppies, senior dogs, canine athletes—even various breeds of dogs?
  • How to read and evaluate all of the material included on a typical package of dog food from the ingredients and label claims (“Natural,” “Anti-Oxidant,” “Low Fat”), to the Nutrient Analysis and Nutritional Adequacy statements.
  • How to avoid choice paralysis and the cognitive traps that can interfere with clear decision making.