Click to Calm: Dog Reactivity Toward People - Video on Demand

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When a dog is reactive around or aggressive toward humans, it can be difficult to see a path forward, Some of the most valuable solutions included in Emma Parsons’ book The New Click to Calm: Solutions for All Dogs in a Challenging World are the protocols for helping dogs that are presenting reactivity/aggression behaviors toward people. This Lab will dive into the three phases of the base protocol (Familiarize, Investigate, and Meet) that are needed to help dogs realize that they hold the key to improving their lives with humans.

In this Lab, Emma will go through all the steps one-by-one with the participating dogs and their handlers. You will learn what to do with anxious dogs that, for one reason or another, are afraid of people as well as dogs that are over-stimulated when they meet new people. Emma will also cover the foundation behaviors that provide the prerequisite building blocks for successful implementation of the Click to Calm protocol and for creating an overarching dynamic in which dogs can venture forward to meet a new person but can also make the decision to withdraw safely at any time. This Lab will benefit those who are working in this area as trainers and those working through challenges with their own dogs.

Join Emma to learn and practice the protocol that can make life better for our dogs and their families.

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