E-BOOK Click for Grooming Handling and Treatment by Karen McCarthy

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"This is more than a book for groomers. It's an illustrated, step-by-step guide for using clicker training to teach any dog to be completely at ease and cooperative with physical care, including medical treatment, baths, clipping, and ear, tooth, and nail care. In the zoo world they call it husbandry behavior, and use the clicker to trim hooves (think rhinos and giraffes), draw blood, and give shots (think tigers and killer whales). How come we're still muzzling dogs? This book is full of practical tips; for example I was tickled by the photo essay on how to teach big dogs to put themselves on the grooming or examination table (provide moveable steps). This book will be invaluable to vet techs, conformation show folks, breeders, and of course, to groomers."

—Karen Pryor

Whether you groom at home or take your dog to a grooming salon, the clicker and it's methods outlined in this book can be used to ensure that the whole experience is pleasant. Even the professional groomer will benefit from understanding and using these methods. Dogs will enjoy being groomed and owners will find the process rewarding.

Grooming helps you keep a close eye on your dog's body and gives you the skill of being able to identify any changes that may occur. A mentally happy and physically healthy dog performs any request willingly and in a confident and joyful manner; and if a dog is happy and confident then the owner will be too.

As a professional groomer and dog trainer, Karen has been able to combine both roles to show how all dogs can enjoy the process, and remove the stress often associated with handling. This book is directed towards teaching both owner and groomer how to use the clicker mehtods in order to make grooming and enjoyable process for both dog and caregiver alike. Small or big, young or old every dog that Karen has groomed loves the outcome. They prance and run around with a renewed sense of invigorated freedom. It's not only the dog's that love it, the owners too are always pleased, their dog looks good, feels good and smells great - a combination that inspires happiness all round.

From the author: "I have groomed many dogs that have obviously not had the best past experiences in the grooming parlour including ones that were often sedated to be groomed - I can quite confidently say that through the positive fun methods that I use that none of my clients are sedated anymore, most of them actually enjoy being groomed and some of them even come running."

This book can be used for all care givers, owners, veterinary or grooming staff. It builds on a basic understanding of clicker training as covered in the Foundation Book of the Clicker Trainers Series.

The PDF edition of Click for Grooming Handling and Treatment is available for purchase and download directly from our store. The PDF Edition can be viewed on any device that supports Adobe Reader, which includes most e-readers.

PLEASE NOTE: The PDF Edition can be viewed on any device that supports Adobe Reader, which includes most e-readers.