Cat Trick Training: Sense of Humor Mandatory - Video on Demand

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Cats are spending more time indoors than ever before. (Why? They have come under scrutiny for killing large numbers of wildlife, but cat owners are also concerned for cats’ safety from other animals, poison, disease, and cars.)

But indoor environments can have plenty of stimulation! Though they are often thought of as “untrainable,” cats love to work as much as dogs. Many cats need for mental stimulation and most really enjoy learning!

In this very first cat-centric Learning Lab at ClickerExpo, Melissa will take participants and observers through the underlying principles of training cats (hint: make it FUN!) and then share many tricks: mark, target, spin, jump into my arms, weave, giddy up (walk on my feet), jump through my arms.

Finally, cats have a chance to be on stage. When cat fame calls, don’t ignore the meow.

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