E-BOOK Barking: The Sound of Language by Turid Rugaas

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Barking is more than just noise. Barking is natural; almost all dogs bark. It is one of the many ways dogs communicate with each other, as well as with humans. In this book, author Turid Rugaas, well known for her work on identifying and utilizing canine “calming signals,” turns her attention to understanding and managing barking behavior. Think of barking as your dog’s language. By learning to identify what your dog is expressing when he barks, you can take steps to minimize the negative effects of barking.

You will learn:

  • How to utilize knowledge of canine body language to help you communicate with your dog before barking gets out of hand
  • Barking characteristics of different breeds and groups of dogs
  • How to recognize six types of barking and their causes
  • Step-by-step training methods to solve barking problems

Canine experts endorse Barking: The Sound of a Language:

"Barking will really help people be realistic and logical about the barking dog instead of frustrated and angry. Turid gives us simple ways and easy techniques to understand and appreciate our furry friends and to modify behaviors. I particularly liked the “Barking Worksheet.”

— Brenda Aloff author of Aggression in Dogs and Canine Body Language

"In a world of complex solutions, Turid provides thought-provoking, SIMPLE advice to a common but misunderstood problem. She helps us remember that barking serves many purposes and suggests common-sense solutions."

— Ali Brown author of Scaredy Dog! and Focus Not Fear

"Turid Rugaas delights us again with her no-nonsense style and flair for telling it like it is! She covers the most common types of nuisance barking, their causes, and the basics of how to address them in an easy- to-read format."

— Sarah Kalnajs author of The Language of Dogs and Am I Safe? DVDs

About the author

Dog trainer and behaviorist Turid Rugaas has been studying canine social language for more than 30 years. Her best-selling book and DVD, On Talking Terms With Dogs - Calming Signals, has changed the way we think about dogs and brought a greater appreciation for just how intelligent dogs are. Turid is also the author of My Dog Pulls. What Do I Do? and is featured in seminar DVDs. When not lecturing, Turid lives in a small town in Norway.