Blue-9 Foundation Fitness Video

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Foundation Fitness Video

Just getting started with canine fitness? Need a step-by-step guide on how to train these behaviors? We have you covered.

This thumb drive features over an hour of comprehensive training footage coaching you on how to train five foundation fitness behaviors with the Propel Air Platform. Follow Certified Canine Fitness Trainer, Jamie Popper as she demonstrates core training concepts including:

When to use a food lure or a hand target.

Capturing, luring, and shaping to train behaviors.

How to build confidence on equipment.

How to use food strategically to accomplish goal behaviors.

To further support your training journey, an accompanying eBook is included. Packed with practical tips, it assists you in identifying proper form while teaching these vital skills. Additionally, a printable Training Log is provided, enabling you to track your dog's progress over time and celebrate their achievements.