E-BOOK Beware the Straw Man: The Science Dog Explores Dog Training Fact & Fiction by Linda P. Case

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by Linda P. Case

The Science Dog (aka Linda Case) takes a skeptic's look at many commonly held beliefs about dog behavior and training. Each of the book's 32 essays explores a question posed by leading researchers and provides detailed and thought-provoking analysis of their findings.

Learn how dogs react to different training methods, discover the pitfalls associated with the use of extinction, and read about new studies that evaluate programs that communities use to keep children safe from dog bites. Other essays explore owners' ability to understand their dogs’ emotions, how people perceive and train small dogs, and if standard behavior tests used by animal shelters to assess dogs' adoptability hold up under scrutiny. Whether you are a professional trainer, work with dogs in shelters or rescue groups, own a dog-related business, or train your dog for fun, the information provided in Beware the Straw Man will be of interest and of value to you. Be forewarned though; this book does not provide the reader with pat answers. Rather, it presents the current state of the science of dog training and encourages you to decide for yourself how to proceed.

About the author

Linda Case is a canine nutritionist, dog trainer, and science writer. She earned her B.S. in Animal Science at Cornell University and her M.S. in Canine/Feline Nutrition at the University of Illinois. Following graduate school, Linda was a lecturer in canine and feline science in the Animal Sciences Department at the University of Illinois for 15 years. She then taught companion animal behavior and training at the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Linda owns AutumnGold Consulting and Dog Training Center in Mahomet, IL, (www.autumngoldconsulting.com), a company that provides scientific writing and training programs to dog owners, pet food companies, and animal advocacy organizations. She is the author of numerous publications and six books, including most recently, Dog Food Logic: Making Smart Decisions for your Dog in an Age of Too Many Choices (Dogwise, 2014) and Beware the Strawman: The Science Dog Explores Dog Training Fact and Fiction. Linda also authors the popular blog The Science Dog, which reviews new research in canine behavior, training, nutrition, and health regularly. (http://thesciencedog.wordpress.com).

Linda and her husband Mike share their lives with four dogs -- Cadie, Vinny, Chip, and Cooper -- and with Pete the cat. In addition to dog training, Linda enjoys running, hiking, swimming, and gardening, activities that she happily shares with all of her dogs.