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Animal Training: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement

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by Ken Ramirez

Ken Ramirez is head trainer at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, and a leader in the zoo and aquarium training world. Ken has selected and organized almost 600 pages of what in his opinion are the best papers, articles, and presentations on the topic of reinforcement-based training, each making a special point, each worth some serious attention. Contributors include the Baileys, lots of ClickerExpo faculty members, scientists and graduate students, dog trainers and dolphin trainers, zoo behaviorists and Ken Ramirez himself. Karen Pryor’s work and references to Don’t Shoot the Dog appear throughout.

Here’s a chance to really explore the thinking and the training protocols involved in reinforcement-based training—whether it’s your dog or a cranky elephant or a group of killer whales. This is a year or more of entertaining bedside reading for any training buff, and an important resource for the serious student of operant conditioning. Many of the reprinted articles include data, graphs, training logs, and other background material, and detailed references. With an index, glossary, and suggested reading. - Published 1999.