About Video on Demand

KPCT Video On Demand is an exciting service that brings the world's best clicker trainers to you! KPCT Video On Demand was developed to spread the power of clicker training by bringing together the best dog training practices and the newest research, techniques, and skills. With just the click of a mouse, users can stream high-quality videos from top dog training experts—anytime, anywhere!

Now available on KPCT Video On Demand:

  • ClickerExpo Sessions bring the magic of ClickerExpo to you! Enjoy educational presentations from previous ClickerExpo conferences—all featuring our world-renowned faculty. These ClickerExpo videos are presented via PowerPoint slideshow, with the accompanying audio from the presenter.
  • KPCT Video On Demand Lessons are a revolution in animal training. These precise training solutions demonstrate how to teach a specific trick, skill, or behavior to your animal, or offer specific methods, ideas, and skills to improve your training. Choose which skills you're ready to learn, which problems you're ready to tackle, which behaviors you're ready to teach. No matter what your experience level, there's a KPCT Video On Demand Lesson for you!
  • Full-Length Videos are similar in content to a purchased DVD, but are available in a format that can be viewed immediately and played on your computer or compatible portable player. If a Full-Length Video is taken from a DVD, the KPCT Video On Demand version is priced less than the original hard copy. Most KPCT Video On Demand Lessons are segments excerpted from a Full-Length Video.
  • Free Flicks are videos available on KPCT Video On Demand that are not saved to your account, but that can be viewed for free at any time on the site. Some Free Flicks are also available for purchase and download as KPCT Video On Demand Lessons.

How do I access my account?

  • You can log in using the Login/Register link on your account page
  • To Access your account, simply login to Shop.ClickerTraining.com
  • Videos can be accessed from the lower left of your account page by clicking on the “View Digital Media and Videos” button.

How long do I have access to my video(s)?

  • Purchased videos are available for viewing as long as your account remains open.  

How do I purchase a video lesson?

  • Just click on the Buy Now button on any page to add that video to your shopping cart. Clicking the Buy Now button also brings you to your shopping cart. From here, you can check out or continue shopping. If you choose to continue shopping, you can always access your shopping cart by clicking on the Shopping Cart link at the top of the page.

What is the difference between a "clip" and a "full length" video?

  • A clip is a short video lesson, usually totaling 5 minutes, that is taken from a larger body of work. These clips are often taken from a full-length video. The clip option can be very convenient if you want to learn about a specific behavior that is taught in a video, but you don't need or want to purchase the entire full-length video.

How do I access my purchased videos?

  • See “How Do I Access My Account” above.

What do I need to watch my videos?

  • All you need is the latest version of either Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

How do I know if my internet connection is fast enough?

  • If you use any service like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu, you are all set. You can also try watching any of our free previews.  

Can I access/watch videos on my mobile or tablet device? (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

  • Yes, your videos are viewable on any device.

How do I get help with a purchase from KPCT Video On Demand?

  • Please contact us using the contact form. When contacting us please include your transaction number and the email address you used to make the purchase.