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What if there were a simple way to generate revenue by sharing the training products you love? Well, there is! Our Share the Joy of Training affiliate program offers you the opportunity to earn sales commissions on our best-selling training gear, including clickers, treats, training pouches, targets, books, and more! It's free to join and easy to set up.

To get started, follow these simple steps:

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2. Share Your Unique Referral Code or Link: Spread the word and earn commission on every sale you refer! Plus, when you share your unique referral code, your clients, family, and friends will get 10% off their first purchase!

3. Track Your Earnings: Easily monitor your commissions through your account dashboard.

This is a win-win opportunity where you can support your clients, we support you, and you support our store!
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Share the Joy of Training program work?
Suppose you love our Clicino and you recommend them to others frequently. As a member of our Share the Joy of Training program, you can earn commission revenue from those recommendations.

2. What do I need to participate in the Share the Joy of Training program?
No special equipment or software needed! You just need clients, friends, or family members that love their pets as much as you do!

3. How do I earn commission?
  1. Incorporate your exclusive referral code and/or link into useful and valuable content such as emails, texts, blog posts, social media updates, videos, or podcasts. Offer insights, reviews, and training tips related to the product.
  2. Embed visuals: Visuals are compelling. We have high-quality product visuals, like images and banners, that you can seamlessly integrate into your web pages, newsletters, social media pages, and more!
  3. Offer a discount code: Your unique referral code earns you commission and gives your friends 10% off - a win-win!
4. What is an example of a product visual?
A product visual is an image or digital banner of a specific product or group of products. It is especially useful on pages where it relates to the topic you are writing about. For example, a product visual like the one below might be perfect for a page that lists products that you recommend or have reviewed. For example, you might write “I love my new clicker ring for hands-free training! Click on the image below to purchase one directly from KPCT. Be sure to enter my referral code at checkout [YOUR UNIQUE CODE] to receive 10% off!”
5. What is my commission on sales?
You will receive up to 5% per item sold on most KPCT products; some products, such as the Clicino Clicker Ring, may be a little less. If you are a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner, please see the KPA Resource Center to see your commission level.

6. What products are eligible for commission?
As a member of the Share the Love of Training program you will earn commission on most Karen Pryor products. Bulk quantities and third-party products such as Blue-9 and FitPaws are ineligible. You can see a list of exclusions in your affiliate dashboard.

7. How do I get paid?
Commissions of $5 or more earned in the previous month will be paid out in the following month. You must have a PayPal account to receive payment. Your PayPal information can be added through your affiliate dashboard. When your referral’s order has been approved (and is in queue for monthly payout) you will receive an emailed notification. You will also be able to see all approved and denied orders on your affiliate dashboard.

8. What happens if someone clicks through to your site and comes back later to buy? Do I still get credit?
Yes. Visits are tracked for 30 days so if someone purchases a product within 30 days of the visit, you'll earn a commission.

8. Can I join more than one affiliate program?
Absolutely. We have an affiliate program and so do others. Affiliating yourself with other trusted companies is a smart policy.

9. Is every affiliate application accepted?
As a leader in positive reinforcement training, we want to ensure that our partners share our same values and training philosophies. Applicants who do not meet this criteria will not be accepted.
To view our full terms and conditions, click here.

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