Getting Started: Clicker Training for Horses by Alexandra Kurland

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by Alexandra Kurland

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Getting Started: Clicker Training for Horses is a quick, easy–to-follow, introduction to clicker training. Designed as a companion for Alexandra Kurland's more in-depth books, Clicker Training for Your Horse and the Step-By-Step Guide, this booklet guides you through the beginning stages of clicker training. It includes three foundation exercises for a clicker trained horse:

  • Targeting, which introduces your horse to the clicker
  • Backing, which teaches respect of space
  • Head lowering, which develops emotional control

In addition, for those who enjoy tricks, the booklet includes a chapter on teaching your horse to retrieve. For those dealing with problem horses, the booklet explains how to use time-outs combined with the clicker to stop unwanted behaviors, such as biting. A great present for all your horse-loving friends!


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