Clicker Training for Obedience by Morgan Spector

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by Morgan Spector 

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If you teach competition or compete with your dog, Morgan Spector's groundbreaking book Clicker Training for Obedience is a must-own. It's a complete course on how to get great performance from any working dog, without using harsh methods. Many of our customers call it, reverently, the "bible" of competition obedience training and a key resource for all avid trainers. Every component is covered clearly, thoroughly, and also engagingly, as Morgan includes plenty of great anecdotes and pictures that both inform and entertain his readers along the way.

Summary review:
When we first published this book, there was a lot of skepticism about clicker training for demanding competition events. Not anymore. With plenty of today’s top dogs having being trained the clicker way, there are heaps of success as well as waves of enthusiasm for clicker training in all competition arenas. This book, we're proud to say, has been key to a sea change in both the approach used in competition training and in the addition of far more "non-obedience" breeds into the field. Lucky dogs!

Clicker Training for Obedience transforms the training process for both trainers and their dogs. If you teach classes, your students will embrace this training as they no longer rely on methods that force their dog into compliance. If you have been using traditional methods of training you'll be amazed at the speed your dog learns, as well as the enthusiasm that the training process generates. If you’re having trouble in your current training process, this book will get you back on track. And if you’re just starting out, you'll wonder why anyone would have ever approached it any other way!

This large-format book with 260 pages is full of photographs, a great glossary, and a helpful resource section. Whether you're starting off with a new puppy or headed for the obedience ring, this is the resource we recommend to get you from the start to your UDX title!

Here's what customers are saying:

"The dog who has fun learning a behavior will carry that behavior over into daily life, and, for me and my dogs, Clicker Training for Obedience is helping us achieve just that. It helped me create a training program that is fun for us all."

"The presentation of each segment for training a behavior is such that a trainer new to training can follow along and achieve success."

"I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in having a happy, well-trained dog. Not just for competition, but for daily life as well."