E-BOOK Click to Win by Karen Pryor

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"Clicker training gives any dog the best chance it has in the ring."

—Karen Pryor

Collected Articles by Karen Pryor from The AKC Gazette
Foreword by George Berger, American Kennel Club Publisher

How can you make your dog look great in the show ring? Do you want your dog to stack, gait on a slack leash, prick his ears, and gaze warmly at the judge—all on cue? It's more than possible! It's easy and fun for you and your dog.

Click to Win! includes Karen's popular columns from The AKC Gazette, plus other new and unpublished materials, in a readable introduction to the techniques and benefits of clicker training for the show ring. With Karen's insight and advice, you too can train your dog to:

  • extend its gait in the ring
  • stand with confidence on the judging table
  • trot on a loose leash
  • self-stack perfectly when the judge approaches
  • look alert and calm while the judge reviews the rest of the class
  • give puppies basic obedience skills before they are sold

Clicker training creates mutual communication and understanding between you and your dog that extends far beyond the show ring. Guarantee a good performance, good feelings, and an admiring crowd whenever you hit the ring together, and develop a bond with your dog that most owners can only dream of.


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