Two hands breaking apart an On Cue Training Treat
July 26, 2023

Five Tips for Choosing the Perfect Treat

An often overlooked but crucial element of successful dog training is the choice of treats used as rewards. Whether you're teaching basic behaviors or working on advanced tricks, selecting the right treats can significantly impact your training sessions. Here are five key qualities of a good training treat:

1. High Value and Irresistible

A good dog training treat should be something your canine companion finds incredibly enticing. Look for treats with a strong aroma and a taste that your dog loves. When training, you want a reward that will immediately grab your dog's attention and motivate them to work for it. Soft and chewy treats, such as air-dried treats, are often preferred as they can be quickly consumed and don't distract the dog for too long.

2. Easy to Consume

During training, you'll be rewarding your dog multiple times, so it's important to use treats that are quick and easy to consume. Softer treats, such as air-dried treats, can be easily broken into small bite-size pieces that your pup can quickly consume. This way, they stay eager to earn more rewards and stay focused on the training tasks.

3. Healthy and Nutritious

While the treats need to be enticing, they should also be healthy and contribute to a balanced diet. Read the ingredient list and avoid treats with harmful additives or questionable ingredients. If your dog has any dietary restrictions or health conditions, it's vital to choose a protein that aligns with their specific needs. Fish and venison are often good choices for dogs that are sensitive to beef or chicken. Always consult your veterinarian if you're uncertain about which treats are safe for your pet.

4. Easy to Handle

When you're in the midst of a training session, you need treats that are easy to handle and won't make a mess. Avoid treats that crumble or leave greasy residues on your hands, as this can be distracting and disrupt the training flow.

5. Offer Variety

Dogs, like humans, appreciate variety. Alternating proteins can add excitement to your training routine. Additionally, using a mix of flavors can help you determine your dog's preferences, allowing you to choose the most effective treats for future training sessions.

Choosing the right treats for dog training plays a pivotal role in the success of your efforts. High-value, nutritious, and small or easily-breakable treats, such as Karen Pryor Clicker Training’s On Cue! Training Treats, will keep your dog engaged, motivated, and eager to learn.  

Happy training!