The Structure Behind Success: Seamless, Reward-Based Training Sessions - Video on Demand


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Refining and enhancing training sessions to achieve focus, intensity, seamlessness, and clean mechanics sounds like a dream, doesn't it? Eva and Emelie, with their 25 years of teaching experience, have developed a training session structure that can help you attain all these goals through seamless, reward-based training.

Whether you are working on perfecting your heelwork position, teaching weave pole entrances, or shaping impressive spins for your freestyle routine, your focus behavior becomes the centerpiece of your training. By embedding this focus behavior within a well-defined context or structure, you can make your training easier and more effective for both you and your learner, propelling your progress faster and with greater precision.

During this Session, Eva and Emelie will share their expertise on building seamless reward-based training sessions right from the start, using a solid yet flexible structure. These seamless sessions provide a positive reinforcement framework that sets the stage for successful training. The structure is carefully constructed, starting with the foundation of rewards. They employ stations and transitions to facilitate smooth progress and provide you with a sturdy foundation for working with your focus behaviors, from the initial stages to advanced performance levels.

Although initially designed for dog sports such as competitive obedience and agility, where intensity and attention to detail are paramount, this structure is applicable to all types of structured training sessions.

In this Session, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the structure Eva and Emelie employ. You will witness how they construct and implement this session structure through various examples. You will discover how to design your own sessions in a manner that brings clarity to both you and your dog, making the teaching process easier and more efficient.

Join Eva and Emelie in this enlightening Session to gain insights into their training approach and learn how to create seamless training sessions that optimize your training outcomes.