E-BOOK Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown


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by Ali Brown

When dogs growl at other dogs, lunge at people, and bark at everything, it's often mislabeled as "aggression." But behavior that looks like aggression is often fear-based and should be treated as such. The appropriate term for this constellation of behaviors is "reactivity."

Scaredy Dog helps dog owners and trainers understand the reactive dog and work to change for the better. The process is easy to grasp, and once the changes begin to take shape, owners become so encouraged that improving their dog's behavior suddenly becomes fun and exciting! If your dog can't pay attention to you in public places, doesn't behave like a good member of the family when guests visit, and loses control when other dogs are nearby, this book has a lot to offer.

All training methods and classroom techniques are non-force and based on developing a "working relationship" with your dog. The book is easy to read and understand, and is 148 pages long—with 68 photographs and graphics to help you improve behavior and solve problems.

This 2009 edition includes more specific examples, and more and better photos, to give you a better idea of what to look for and how to handle your reactive dog.