E-BOOK Positive Perspectives 2: Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog by Pat Miller


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by Pat Miller

The more you know about dog behavior, the easier it is to become a more effective trainer. Pat Miller's writing is a pleasure to read as she explains sophisticated behavior and training concepts in a way that both professional dog trainers and the average dog owner can understand and apply. Open the book to any chapter and you will find a 5-15 minute read that gives you solid information you can use right away. Positive Perspectives 2: Know Your Dog, Train Your Dog is a well-written blend of factual information, entertaining examples, and engaging stories.

"This book contains a collection of more than forty recent short articles by Pat Miller on training, behavior, and management of dogs. There’s new science and a lot of excellent practical advice for dog owners and trainers, including such seldom mentioned topics as recognizing and retraining the bully in the dog park, how to know when the shelter dog or puppy you’re drawn to is really NOT a good choice, the real differences between modern training and the punishment-based methods of the past, and, of course, lots of useful instruction for someone new to clicker training. This book is a good read—and a great gift for the new dog owner." —Karen Pryor

"Pat's encore, Positive Perspectives 2, had good photos, great anecdotes, and most important, good common-sense advice. It's an all around book with a little something for everyone." —Terry Ryan, author and Karen Pryor Academy Faculty