Getting Started: Clicker Training for Cats by Karen Pryor

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Winner of the 2001 Award of Excellence from the Cat Writers Association of America!

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Train a cat? Yes you can! Easy for you, fun for your cat. Clicker training can improve your cat's health, activity, and attitude, and make your cat happier and more affectionate.

In the easy-to-read beginner's guide, Karen Pryor, the world's leading clicker training expert, tells you how to teach your cat to:

  • Come when called
  • Play without biting or scratching
  • Stay off the table
  • Get along with dogs
  • Walk outside on a leash
  • Do cute tricks and games!

All with a click and a treat!

 This product is backed by our Train Better Guarantee. Learn more about the Train Better Guarantee and how it can help you improve your training.


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