E-BOOK Gamify Your Dog Training: Training Games for Group Instruction by Terrie Hayward

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by Terry Ryan

It’s more than just fun and games!
Teaching a dog-training class is not easy. Not only do you need to be a skilled trainer, you need to keep a group of dogs and people focused and motivated. The use of training games to teach new behaviors and improve others is one way to make your classes more successful. Author Terry Ryan is recognized by dog trainers worldwide as the expert in using training games to help improve performance of both canine and human students. The 70+ plus games in this new book will get your creativity flowing and allow you to “Gamify” your training classes or to have fun with your dog at home! 

What experts are saying about Gamify Your Dog Training
“Terry Ryan never disappoints, and this is classic Terry Ryan at her best; I marvel at (and envy!) her creativity and ability to put joy and fun into training. If you can’t find dozens of wonderful games in this book to liven up your training classes, you aren’t trying!”Pat Miller, author of Beware of the Dog and Play with Your Dog

“An excellent guide to creative games that allow participants and dogs to improve their skills together safely. The strategies and varying levels of difficulty will allow anyone to set up games that are safe, successful, and fun!”Nicole Wilde, author of So You Want to be a Dog Trainer, Help for Your Fearful Dog, and Don’t Leave Me!

“What a terrific collection of games to create fun and memorable dog-training sessions! This book is chock-full of great ideas to enliven training for people of all ages... and dogs enjoy it more when their people are having fun, too! Terry’s sections on implementation are important for setting up people and dogs for success. If you believe that learning should be fun, then this book is for you!”
Risë VanFleet, author of The Human Half of Dog Training and Play Therapy with Kids & Canines

“This book will give coaches, students, pet owners, and, especially, the dogs an endless supply of new ways to have fun together. Terry Ryan succinctly and amusingly shows you games for beginners, team games with props (making the props is part of the fun), and challenging games for the advanced dogs (retrieving a roll without eating it?) Try them all!” Karen Pryor, author Don’t Shoot the Dog and Reaching the Animal Mind

“I have attended Terry’s classes and keeping things fun is one of her strengths as an instructor. These games are not just entertaining and useful for the people; I love that Terry points out things to watch for to make sure that the dogs are having fun, too!”Grisha Stewart, author of BAT 2.0: New Practical Techniques for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in Dogs

“Terry Ryan, the singular godmother of games for dogs and their people, has done it again. Gamify Your Dog Training provides a cutting-edge resource of clearly described and incredibly fun training games for dog owners and every type of dog training instructor.”
Mary R. Burch, AKC Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog Director

About the author:
Terry Ryan has been working with dogs for more than 50 years, teaching pet-dog classes and a variety of other specialties. She conducts chicken-training workshops and instructor courses internationally. Terry is a faculty member of Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior and the author of Coaching People to Train Their Dogs and The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog.

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