A Deaf Dog Joins the Family by Terrie Hayward PDX 24


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by Terrie Hayward

This book will help set up dogs and caregivers to succeed! A Deaf Dog Joins the Family is designed to help deaf dog owners and to prepare them with the tools and environment needed in the home for their pup.

Families will learn how to communicate effectively and efficiently and without frustration. Caregivers will gain the knowledge and “how-to” skills to expand upon basic cues, which will translate to a larger vocabulary and set of behaviors.

Who can benefit from this book?

  • Pet dog families that have adopted or are considering adopting a deaf dog
  • Dog trainers who want to help their clients have a successful, communicative relationship with their deaf dog
  • Rescue groups and shelter workers as well as breed
  • Specific groups who want to have a reliable resource with hands-on activities for working with deaf dogs
  • Veterinarians who would like to increase deaf-dog behavioral understanding and who may direct clients to this book as a resourceful tool.