E-BOOK Canine Behavior: A Photo Illustrated Handbook by Barbara Handelman


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by Barbara Handelman

This beautiful book includes 1000 photographs of dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes, illustrating a wide range of canine behavior. The photo contributions come from all over the world and include the work of Monty Sloan, staff photographer at Wolf Park in Indiana.

Canine Behavior is structured in many user-friendly ways, including alphabetical organization of the terminology, cross referencing, and both a detailed table of contents and index. The book will help pet owners understand their dogs’ behavior and add depth to the knowledge of trainers and behaviorists alike.

“My bookshelf has a new, permanent addition! Written in a clear, well-organized manner, Canine Behavior: A Photo-Illustrated Handbook is terrific for professionals and pet owners alike. The nuances of canine body language are incredibly well-documented and illustrated. I find myself referring to it often just to find out a little more about the communication between my dogs.” - Melissa Alexander, Maxwell Award Winning author of Click For Joy

“This book is a resource for anyone who is interested in getting to know the species better. The photographs by Monty Sloan, from Wolf Park, are a marvelous attraction. They must cover years of photography and it is always great fun to see the similarities in language between canids. The alphabetical organization and numerous cross-references make this a useful and easy-to-use reference for dog professionals, kennel owners, shelter workers, and veterinary technicians. This is a book that will be well-thumbed in no time!” - Brenda Aloff, author of Positive Reinforcement: Training Dogs in the Real World, Aggression in Dogs: Practical Management, Prevention & Behaviour Modification, Canine Body Language: A Photographic Guide Interpreting the Native Language of the Domestic Dog, Foundation Behaviours For Every Dog, and Get Connected With Your Dog

“I think this book hits on a major point that will give it meaning to the general public, as well as to behaviorists. By emphasizing the more easily readable signals given by the wolves, the book will help people interpret the more subtle signals given off by dogs. I think one of the hardest things for learners is to catch those subtle signals in dogs. By showing the same responses in the wolf and the dog, it will make it so much easier for learners to have that "ah ha, light bulb goes on" moment of understanding. Barbara Handelman has gone where no one else has taken this subject before, and bridged the gap to facilitate real understanding of canine behavior.” - Debi Davis, Assistance Dog Trainer, and ClickerExpo retired faculty member

“This book compares the behavior inventory – ethogram - of the wolf (Canis lupus) with the behavior patterns and expressions of various breeds of dogs. Since the wolf is now recognized as the ancestor of our dogs, this comparison is very meaningful. The impression is that while the various breeds of dogs have their own characteristics, the basic motor patterns are the same as those of wolves. The Ethogram based on our wolves at WOLF PARK, is an expansion of one originally prepared by Erik Zimen based on the European wolf. What this photo-illustrated handbook does is to provide a common language to dog people when they talk about the behavior of their dogs. All dog owners, breeders and trainers will find this unique book a very useful addition to their library.” - Erich Klinghammer Founder and Director of Wolf Park Research and Education Center, Eckhard H Hess Institute of Ethology, Wolf Park, Battle Ground, IN

“What a unique and valuable resource! It contains well-researched information from a variety of sources combined with outstanding photographs! A great addition to anyone’s library who works with or around dogs.” - Ken Ramirez, Vice President of Animal Collections and Training at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium, author of ANIMAL TRAINING: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement, Faculty member ClickerExpo