E-BOOK Right On Target! Taking Dog Training to a New Level by Mandy Book & Cheryl S. Smith


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by Mandy Book and Cheryl S. Smith

Get your dog training on target!

Target training provides another way to help shape behaviors, build speed from the beginning, and focus the dog on training. Save your back, work at a distance, or get tricky parts of the dog—such as back feet—moving the way you want them. No matter what your training goals, targeting can help you get there.

  • Take your training to a new level
  • Learn how to train your dog to target your hand, a contact disk or a target stick, then utilize targets to build complex behaviors
  • Learn how to analyze and break down a behavior into easily trainable steps to get great results
  • Use target training for good manners, therapy dog work, a variety of sports, or to teach tricks
  • Teach your dog how to work at a distance with speed and accuracy

Experts praise Right On Target!
"Mandy and Cheryl have written and excellent ‘how to do it’ book for those wanting to explore targeting to train dogs. Right On Target should profit the novice trainer wanting to know how to target train, as well as the expert searching for that "other way" of doing it. This book offers alternatives to the common practice of "luring" to get many behaviors. Mandy and Cheryl explain the benefits of record keeping and offer some sample record forms. I recommend this book!" —Bob Bailey, US Navy's first Director of Training, General Manager, Animal Behavior Enterprises, trainer of over 120 species of animals

"This book exploits learning principles with impressive sophistication yet is completely accessible. I loved the ultra-clear organization, splendid criteria progressions, and clever applications." —Jean Donaldson, Director of The San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers, author of the Culture Clash, Mine! and Fight!