E-BOOK When Pigs Fly: Training Success with Impossible Dogs by Jane Killion


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By Jane Killion

This is a wonderful guide to clicker training; not just to using the clicker, but to the whole philosophy and technology of marker-based training. This book will help you get good at working from the dog’s perspective, breaking things down into small units, training with your brains instead of with punishment, using a high rate of reinforcement because that’s the best communication tool you have, using what the dog likes to reinforce behavior you like, and lots, lots more. The author is a good writer, witty and perceptive, and her highly responsive bull terriers (impossible dogs!) are living proof that she’s really onto something. I bet you can’t open to a single page without going “Oh! I want to try that!” Whether you have an “untrainable” breed or not, here’s how to build a beautiful relationship with kindness all the way.

Karen Pryor