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Your Target Market: How to Have Better Clients, More Success, and Way More Fun

Laurie Luck - Stamford 2017

Have you ever wondered “Just what is a target market? And how on earth do I figure out mine?” Perhaps you're wondering exactly what a target market can do for your business? This Session will introduce you to target markets.

You'll learn:


  • What a target market is
  • How developing a target market can help you find clients and make more money
  • Tools to define a target market for your own business
  • Tools to research your own business geographical area to help you define your target market more accurately

    Still not sure you need a target market? Here are five benefits to having a target market. Watch the Session to learn how to create your own!


  • You’ll be working with people who value what you offer
  • You’ll have more effective marketing spending—and may not have to spend any $ at all!
  • You'll focus your messaging on your ideal customer's needs, not the needs of every dog owner
  • You'll make better use of your time—you can spend more time with your best customers and less time dealing with low-value prospects
  • You’ll be easier to refer to!

    Once you get into your target market and educate potential clients on the value of working with you, referrals will be easier to earn.

    This Session is targeted to small-business owners who haven't thought too much about a target market, but know that it's important, and who want to learn more.

    Total run time: 43 minutes