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Wild Thang! Tug Toy

If you've been looking for the perfect tug to entice your dog to play, this is it! This super-desirable, long wool sheepskin and buffalo tug toy is for dragging, dangling, and tugging like crazy. Measuring a full 30" in length, it's big! We envision this as a super flyball toy, but it can certainly be used for many types of training.

A full 16" of this toy is real fur: one side is buffalo leather and fur (hide), the other side is long wool sheepskin. Both pieces of hide are sewn to a center strap of nylon webbing to strengthen the toy. A shock-absorbing bungee is added to the handle to soften the tugging action. The handles are 100% nylon webbing and are 1" wide for comfort and good grip.

If you want an exciting toy to dangle for a small dog or drag on the ground for a young puppy, or a long toy to offer a dog a big bite zone he can't miss, this may be the toy for you. If you want a super-desirable, large toy, this is almost certainly the toy for you. But, don't count on putting this toy in your pocket—it'll never fit!

Key benefits:

  • Made of real, long, wool sheepskin and buffalo
  • Perfect for flyball and many types of training
  • Features shock-absorbing bungee
  • Measures 30"

"What makes this toy special is the real fur! It's a nice, long toy that is half buffalo and half sheep, and it will interest almost any dog. Even my "non-tugging" 10-year-old Labrador's eyes light up when he sees it and smells it. He chases it around and plays like a puppy! If you're looking to get a dog interested in tug, this is a great toy to try!" – Lori Gwyr, KPA Curriculum Development Manager & Certified Training Partner