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What is My Dog Saying in the Dog Park


by Carol A. Byrnes
(PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM)

Have you considered taking your dog to a dog park, but aren't sure if you should? Do you want to learn more about reading canine body language? Do you want to know more about what good play and bad play looks like so you can keep your dog safe when playing with other dogs?

Are you a dog-class instructor or a dog daycare or boarding kennel owner who would like a ready-made presentation on dog-to-dog play and dog-park safety to show staff and clients? Would you like to offer a safety and etiquette class to your community, providing the tools needed to read and understand dogs and to keep everyone safer?

Not every dog is, or should be, a "dog-park dog!" The safety and enjoyment of dog parks depend on one thing—dog owner education. This PowerPoint presentation will show dog owners watching off-leash play how to recognize red flags and when to step in and help dogs out of risky situations.