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What is My Dog Saying?

by Carol A. Byrnes

PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM

Do you want to learn more about what dogs are saying to each other, to other animals, and to you?

Are you a dog-class instructor who wishes you had something to show your classes to help students understand their dogs better?

Are you a dog-training school owner, day care provider, or shelter director who would like to give your staff the tools they need to read and understand the animals in your care better—and stay safer on the job?

Have you been wishing you had photos and video to present to staff, fellow trainers, and clients, but just don't have the time to collect them all? We've done the work for you!

“Ever wonder what your dog is really thinking when you pat him on the head? This PowerPoint presentation is like a web lesson about dog language. At present, there are a couple of books out there on the same subject, but those books rely on still photographs as illustrations. This PowerPoint uses live-action video clips embedded right where you need them, which is a powerful tool—and also shows the speed at which these things can change. It will teach you to be a better observer of your dog and improve your understanding of your dog. I picked up a couple of things myself that I had never noticed before. Highly recommended.” -Karen Pryor

“I know Clickertraining.com just started selling this CD. I LOVE it! I try to get every dog owner I work with to buy one. The advantage this product has over similar products is that the average dog owner can watch it and use it. They don't need to have any prior knowledge. It's a great product!” -Marilyn Wolf, BS, CPDT