What a Pithy: Making Classes Memorable Part 1 - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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What a Pithy: Making Classes Memorable Part 1


Kathy Sdao - Reno 2016

This is Part 1 of a two-part presentation. Viewers interested in this topic are encouraged to watch both parts.

Part of the job of a pet-dog instructor is to communicate basic learning principles — about reinforcement, timing, criteria, cues, generalization, and more — to novice students. But we are limited in the amount of verbal explanations we can provide. Extended lectures lead to bored and noisy dogs. If we challenge ourselves to be creative, we can devise teaching approaches that are brief, memorable, and effective. Metaphors, analogies, parables, and anecdotes can convey broad or advanced concepts meaningfully. Cartoons can also express ideas succinctly; just think how much impact a political cartoon can have.

This presentation is an exercise in generative thinking. It attempts to spark your own ingenuity and give you fresh ideas for classes that may have become stale after years of repetition. Be prepared to learn innovative instructional tools that can bring life to your teaching.

Learning objectives:

  • To learn to use language in creative ways to convey jargon and complex training concepts to students
  • To become familiar with several forms of narrative devices instructors can use to simplify and clarify their information
Part 1 focuses on the following:
  • Teaching as performance art
  • How to be “sticky”
  • Metaphors and analogies
  • Stories and parables