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Turn Me On... (or Not): Inspiring Others to Choose Positive Reinforcement Training

Michele Pouliot - Portland 2017

Are you critical of traditional training and individuals who continue to defend punishment-based methods of training? Do you want those trainers and training programs to change to positive reinforcement training? Are you new to clicker training and are at Expo to learn more about these reward-based techniques? Feeling overwhelmed with how much there is to learn?

Changing an experienced trainer skillset over to a very different trainer skillset is not an easy journey. Many individuals are facing the challenges of learning and trusting in a new way of training. Experienced positive reinforcement trainers can feel impatience with organizations or individuals they see being reluctant or simply very slow to adopt modern training methods.

This Session will help you understand the process of changing for yourself, your own organization, or with others in your life. Michele Pouliot has impacted the international guide dog training world effectively, shifting the historical beliefs in successful traditional methods to the adoption of clicker training among a majority of programs. Michele has become an expert on motivating and assisting programs and individuals in change, and will share what she has learned over her now 16-year journey as a changemaker.

Total run time: 1:47