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Trust Your Dog Custom Biothane Muzzle

Measure around snout, just in front of eyes (inches). Open mouth is best.
Please select a metal type, i.e. rivets.
Please choose a primary color.
Please choose a secondary color.
Measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the chin while your dog is panting in inches.
Measure from just in front of the eyes to the furthest point of the nose, in inches
Please select the nose type for your muzzle.
Measure from the tip of the nose to the collar, in inches
Measure snuggly around the dog's neck just behind the ears, in inches
Which best describes the width of your dog's face?
If yes, then Forehead Length (measure from bridge of nose to just behind the ears, in inches)
Measure from bridge of nose to just behind the ears, in inches.
Would you like to add a treat hole?
Which quick-release material would you like?
Would you like to add safety straps? These are extra straps on the front and sides, recommended for extreme Pica cases.

Customizations Total: $ 0.00

The Biothane Muzzle is a wonderfully versatile option for your dog's custom muzzle. Biothane straps can be customized to fit your wants and needs. While biothane muzzles are certainly disarming they are NOT BITE PROOF for large dogs or dogs that are determined to inflict damage. We recommend the Vinyl Muzzle option for high bite risk dogs.

Measuring Tips:

1) Measure several times to be sure. This item is made for your dog specifically and if the measurements are incorrect, the muzzle will not fit correctly. Measuring correctly is the responsibility of the buyer. If a mistake is made you can use the Muzzle Modification service to modify your muzzle after it's arrival.

2) For dogs that have an underbite, measure to the tip of their nose AND to the end of the dog's mouth/underbite. You want the muzzle to be long enough to contain the dog's whole muzzle but you don't want straps resting on their sensitive, upturned noses.

Additional Features:

*Closure clasps: all closure clasps are quick-release buckle but options are plastic or metal.

*Treat Holes can help you get treats to your dog easier though it will likely always be somewhat difficult to treat your dog while wearing any muzzle. This is a skill that can be practiced and learned for both dog and handler though.

*Forehead straps are for short-nosed dogs or dogs that are very good at getting the muzzle off.

*Extra Safety Straps that reduce the gaps between straps all around the muzzle if you're worried your dog might bite someone OR if they are extra good at eating things off the ground.

*Bling: if you're looking for something extra special for your pup, add some rhinestones - let me know what you want in the notes section during Checkout and I'll work with you to make it happen :-)!

*Strap colors: should you want specific straps to be particular colors please make a comment in the box provided when checking out otherwise comment artist's choice.

These muzzles are CUSTOM and HANDMADE once shipped there are no refunds though we am happy to work with you to modify a muzzle that doesn't fit OR exchange the original, unworn, muzzle for one that will fit using the Muzzle Modification Service. The creative process can take 6-10 weeks to complete.