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Triple Planning: Enhance Your Teaching

Hannah Branigan & Laurie Luck
This session was recorded in 2016; content presented in 2017 may vary slightly.

Is lesson-planning confusing and stressful for you? It doesn’t have to be!

Trainers usually know what they want to teach the dogs, but often get stuck accounting for the human portion of the equation. To be effective, all three pieces of the learning team must work together: dog, handler, and instructor. With that many variables and moving parts, planning ahead can mean the difference between a screaming success and a total disaster.

But writing lesson plans for class is about as unsexy as it gets. It’s difficult and boring, and nobody ever compliments you on your amazing lesson plans. (Are you sold yet?) But by applying solid clicker training techniques, we can break down the skills you need to build efficient, effective, and well-organized lesson plans. (And have fun!) What we call triple-planning helps you create lesson materials, as you map out what you, your students, and their dogs will be doing at every step.

This interactive Session will combine learning and practice to make your job easier and your clients more successful through the triple-planning method! You won't just listen, you will DO IT! Learn to organize your content efficiently and how to create a plan to get your client involved and participating effectively. Receive concrete tips you can take home and start using in your business Monday morning!

You will leave this Session:

  • able to reach their clients’ “pain point” successfully
  • having experienced the triple-planning process as the learner
  • understanding how to apply the triple-planning method to their own group classes and private instruction
  • able to apply shaping principles to an improved triple-planning lesson of their own creation

    Learn how to plan with Laurie and Hannah and experience how satisfying—dare we say fun?—lesson-planning can be!

    Total run time: 1:28