Train That Chain: Behavior Chains - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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Train That Chain: Behavior Chains

Laura VanArendonk Baugh
This session was recorded in 2016; content presented in 2017 may vary slightly.

At some point, we realize that one click and one treat per behavior will be cumbersome to keep up forever; it’s simply impossible for certain important behaviors or tasks. At that point, we must develop and maintain chains of behaviors.

Behavior chains can be smooth and efficient packages of pristine behavior if handled well, or they can be frustrating and time-consuming if handled poorly. They can also be our worst behavioral nightmares, reinforcing bad behaviors, if they are not planned carefully!

This Session will focus on:

Defining a behavior chain

Cues as reinforcers

Types of chains

Poisoned cues and their impact on chains

A closer look at back-chaining

Maintaining a chain

Finishing a chain

Varied uses of chains

Duration behaviors as chains

Breaking a chain

Total run time: 1:29