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ThunderShirt ThunderSpray for a Calmer Dog

Spray away your pet's fears with the newest addition to the line of ThunderWorks calming solutions for pets!

ThunderSpray calms and comforts pets by mimicking a mother's natural pheromones. The spray is comprised of soothing fragrances of lavender and chamomile. Simply spray a single burst in the area where pets spend time, like a car or crate, for an instant calming effect. ThunderSpray can also be used in conjunction with the bestselling ThunderShirt by applying the spray to the neck of the ThunderShirt. The calming pheromones and fragrances will continue to release for an extended period, and the liquid will dry stain-free.

Key benefits:

  • Ideal for dogs that bark excessively, have separation anxiety, or are fearful
  • Helps ease a dog's anxiety with calming pheromones and fragrances
  • Instant calming effect

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