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Disc? Bowl? Yes! The ThrowBowl puts the “FUN” in “FUNctional.” Designed to be the best on-the-go soft bowl ever made, the ThrowBowl is splash-resistant, high-capacity, and super-packable. When not used for food, the ThrowBowl converts to a fantastic flying disc. Simply fold the outer wall in half and, voilà, airtime. Made K9Flex® elastomer (FDA food-safe), ThrowBowl is the fetch toy to grab when you hit the road with a playful dog, a fetch dog, or a good ol' thirsty dog. Measures 8 ½ inches diameter.  

Key benefits:

  • More drinking, less spilling. In bowl mode, ThrowBowl stands more than 2X higher than other discs providing much greater capacity. The inward-curved side wall sends splashes back to the center.
  • Tough, yet soft: K9Flex® elastomer is super durable and puncture resistant. At the same time, its softness is gentle on teeth and gums, and makes for easy packing.
  • Easy throw/pickup: The ThrowBowl is designed for easy, stable flight. No more pawing at a hard-to-grab disc, either. Innovative GrabRings let your furry friend pick up the disc easily.