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Through a Dog’s Ear: Music to Calm Your Puppy, Volume 1

Human-animal bonding time is one of the great rewards of having a canine companion. Ideally, puppyhood is the start of a 10-15 year relationship. Music and touch are a great combination, and go a long way in creating sweetness between you and your new furry friend.

A young puppy's hearing and relationship to the sensory environment are extremely fragile, especially during weeks 7-12 of life when many puppies are welcomed into their new homes. In this phase, pups are also weaned from their mother and separated from littermates. This is a time of huge adjustment! During this critical period, it is important to safeguard a puppy's sensory environment. If you have adopted an older dog, Music to Calm Your Puppy will also be quite helpful in acclimating your dog to the new home.

Music to Calm Your Puppy is the first therapeutic music series designed specifically for puppies. In Music to Calm Your Puppy, progressive frequency modulation accommodates a young dog's highly alert sense of hearing. We recommend Music to Calm Your Puppy during the following puppy activities:

Crating or puppy-pen time
15 minutes before being left alone
When left alone
Nap time and bedtime
Training time
Meal time
When introducing new stimuli or people to the environment
Toy-chewing time
Teaching new behaviors
Grooming time
Canine massage
Socialization time