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The Perfect Foundation Book & DVD Bundle

By Kay Laurence

Do you want to learn how to become a top clicker trainer? Take your clicker training to the next level with one of the world’s top trainers, Kay Laurence.

Combining material from Laurence’s very successful Foundation and Novice books, her latest edition guides you through the essential steps needed to broaden your skills and deepen your understanding of the key clicker principles. Learn how and why the clicker works, how to use and manage rewards and add names to behaviors, and basic shaping and targeting techniques. Enjoy the challenge of planning your dog’s learning, breaking the behaviors into small achievable chunks, and developing your shaping skills. Finally, take your dog’s learning to the next level by establishing ultra-reliable behaviors—all while having great fun with your dog!

Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation DVDs
The ideal complement to Clicker Training: The Perfect Foundation book, the companion DVD set features select exercises from the Clicker Training series to guide you step-by-step through the essential skills as taught in the very successful courses at Wag More Barn. Buy book and DVDs together and save!

This DVD is formatted in the PAL format and can only be viewed on a computer or select DVD players that support PAL.