The New Clicker Training Manual Volume I - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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The New Clicker Training Manual Volume I

by Gail T. Fisher

This manual includes sections on:

  • General Information about dogs
  • Training Basics for the beginner trainer
  • Clicker Training Information
  • Suggested Homework
  • Assignments
  • Behaviors to Train

In her review for The Clicker Journal, Corally Burmaster wrote: "[This] is truly the most useful manual I have ever read. She has written it for students in a class situation,...and I found nothing that I had to mentally filter out because it was something I would be unable to use...I brought it (and the "Crossover" Clicker Training Workbook) home with me to study. I got scads of ideas from both of them that I have been able to incorporate in my own classes."