The New Clicker Training Manual Vol. II - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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The New Clicker Training Manual Vol. II

by Gail Fisher

The next step in clicker training! This volume has background about the science, introducing variability to both improve behaviors and to wean from the clicker. It also includes speed trials, fluency, target training, hand signals, activities to share, and much more!

Gail Fisher says, "Level 2 is everyone's favorite class-- students and staff alike. Having graduated from our Level 1 or Puppy class, you probably feel as if you are beginning to have a handle on your dog's behavior. In Level 2, you will see a tremendous change. Not only will your dog's training start to fall into place, but you will feel as if you have a grasp of the training process. Best of all, your relationship will continue to grow and improve."