The Great Divide: Is it Operant or Classical? - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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The Great Divide: Is it Operant or Classical?

Linsday Wood Brown - Portland 2017

Behavior consultants navigate multiple pathways in the course of planning treatments. At the top of our list of considerations is paradigm approach: the choice between an operant or classical conditioning treatment method. A thoughtful approach and clear behavior modification plan are essential for effective treatment. However, we often become fixed on our learning paradigm of choice, hindering our perspective and ability to harness both types of learning occurring simultaneously.

This Session will explore both classical and operant treatment options when initiating a behavior modification plan. It will consider the role of emotions in changing behavior, the benefits and weaknesses of classical and operant conditioning, and how we can most effectively harness both types of learning for greatest success for our learners.

Total run time: 1:13