The Click That Teaches Lesson 18: Loopy Training - Karen Pryor Clicker Training
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The Click That Teaches Lesson 18: Loopy Training

by Alexandra Kurland

Move your understanding of clicker training to a new level! This DVD series makes a great starting point for exploring clicker training and covers the basic concept of loopy training. (Clicker training foundation lessons are best taught as loops.)

If you are new to clicker training, the Loopy Training DVD is a place to start, but many of the concepts and some later exercises may feel a bit overwhelming to someone starting out. If you are a beginner, Alexandra Kurland recommends watching the first part of this DVD and then going back to the beginning of the series to work your way through The Click That Teaches lessons systematically. Re-watch the Loopy Training DVD periodically. Each time you do, you'll find that the later sections make more and more sense, and that you are ready to apply more of the concepts to your training.

If you've already been working your way through The Click That Teaches DVD lesson series, you'll find that the Loopy Training DVD does many things for you. It gives you a great review of basics, and it shows you how to make your training much more structured and systematic. You'll understand more about the power of cues and how to chain behaviors together. The DVD also demonstrates how to teach not just individual behaviors to your horse, but advanced concepts as well.