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Target Stick

Imagine teaching your dog to put his hind feet—just his hind feet—on a mat. Or, imagine teaching your cat to give a high-five. What if you could teach your dog to use his nose to ring a bell to go outside?

The Target Stick is a folding aluminum rod that fits in your pocket or training pouch. Teach your dog or any other pet to reach for and touch the end of the target, for a click and treat. Then you can use the target to teach the dog to go to bed, get in the car, stand still during a vet visit, or walk on a loose leashall without pulling and jerking. It is also very useful to train your dog for jumps, go-outs, heeling placement, retrieving, and much more!

Measures 33" extended, 9 1/2" folded. Choose black or gold. 


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