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Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports

by Michele Pouliot

3-DVD Set

Step Up Your Training for Dog Sports is a full-day seminar that will increase your dog's precision and prepare for top performances in fun and positive ways.  Platform training is covered A-Z. Michele uses lecture and PowerPoint for training specifics, but spends lots of time demonstrating the use of platforms in training using live working dog classes. She also uses her own dogs to demonstrate techniques using a platform. In the live classes, Michele critiques training and gives helpful advice to the trainers in achieving their goals. The DVD set teaches you how to obtain the positions and behaviors that you desire.

Michele Pouliot will show you how to:

  • Use platforms to take clicker training a step further for training positions and behaviors
  • Prepare your dog to enjoy performing by establishing behavior chains
  • Plan performance cues effectively to help your dog perform in different venues.

 "Michele Pouliot is one of my training heroes. She combines a ridiculous amount of practical expertise with a thorough and engaging teaching style. Plus, her many video clips are clear, relevant, and inspiring. Every time I watch her teach, I learn something new." Kathy Sdao