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Reliability for Reactive Dogs with Control Unleashed Exercises

by Emma Parsons

Run Time: 4 hours, 06 minutes

The world can be a very distracting place for reactive dogs. The show environment, no matter what the sport, can be one of the biggest challenges!

Topics include:
    • Can your dog get through a door shared by other dogs at a show?
    • What happens if another dog sniffs your dog’s body?
    • What if the space is severely limited? How do you move your dog through?
    • Can your dog watch another dog play close by? Can he watch another dog perform agility?

In a class-like format these concerns, and many more, will be addressed. This program is filled with different exercises (using Leslie McDevitt's Control Unleashed® exercises and many others) that you can practice with your dog to teach him to ignore the distractions in the environment—no matter what or where they are. Learn how to make your dog more reliable, in the show ring or as a well-mannered family pet.