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Quiet Please! Dealing with Excessive Barking


Irith Bloom - Reno 2016

If you live with or near dogs, you’ve probably dealt with barking -- and there have been times when you’ve probably wished you could just snap your fingers and make the barking go away. Unfortunately, popular quick-fix solutions rarely work beyond the moment they are used (not to mention, those solutions can create all kinds of fallout). Even when you use humane techniques, it can be a challenge to reduce barking.

The problem is that dogs bark for a wide variety of reasons. Before you can come up with a plan for reducing barking, you have to figure out why it’s happening. Only after you understand what function the barking serves for the dog can you figure out an appropriate training protocol for reducing the barking. In this video presentation, Irith discusses several different categories of barking, including alert barking, demand barking, boredom barking, and anxious barking (including aggressive, fearful, and reactive barking). She also details a variety of humane, pet-friendly training techniques that can be used to address excessive barking. Find out how to determine which type of barking is going on, and how to deal with it. If you want to know more about barking, or just want to hear less of it, this video presentation is for you!

NOTE: Although this video presentation is focused on barking, the principles in it apply to dealing with undesirable noises from other animals as well.